Fresh from the oven, straight to your table!

freshly baked bread – the best start to your day…

There is absolutely no need for a trip to the supermarket…
our seewirt breakfast basket is filled with everything you need for a great start to your day.
bread and pastries are delivered every morning by local bakeries while all our regional dairy and charcuterie specialities are supplied by the sorrounding farms!
the basket will be delivered at your preferred time so you can enjoy breakfast at your pace on your very own lakeview balcony.

alternatively you can of course enjoy a served breakfast in our restaurant or on our terrace.
to guarantee highest quality there is no buffet – everything is freshly prepared when ordered.

Served breakfast: adults € 12,00 | children 6-12 years € 8,00

Breakfast basket:  adults € 7,50 

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