Welcome to the Family

Families are like branches on a tree – we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

It all started with a small hut in the heart of Maltschacher See. Arnulf alongside his wife, Josefa and their 6 children sold sausages and cokes to the local bathers here in summer. Each year the hut got a little bigger, a terrace was added and a bar and soon they had the makings of a restaurant, with a menu consisting of more than sausages and coke and, where, naturally, all of the children helped out even from a very young age.

There were often discussions amongst the children about the future as to who would carry on in their parents footsteps. For Seppi, it was a clear choice! After meeting his wife claudia, who worked as a waitress in the restaurant, they decided to expand the business together and added beautiful rentable apartments and developed the campsite to the way you see it today, with bungalows and lakeside pitches for campervans and tents.  As their son, Matthias, grew older he wasn’t as sure of his future as Seppi had been of his at his age. He decided to travel the world and gain as much experience as possible before eventually returning home and taking over the business.

Since his return, Matthias alongside his partner Jennifer have worked continuously to develop the incredible opportunities passed on from the generations of hard work that came before them.

Much has grown and changed in the years since “Seewirt Spiess” first started, yet one thing remains the same: family is always the most important thing to us and we look forward to welcoming you into ours.